♥ Recommended YouTube Videos/Sermons

Here are a collection of sermons, short videos and things I have found edifying on youtube! Maybe you will find wisdom to glean from them as well! I will add more over time, so keep checking back if you enjoy what I share! :)

Here they are (in no particular order...perhaps one day I will organize them under categories...):

What is the Gospel? Are you saved? ~ Kevin Williams (12 min. 45 sec.)

The Virtuous Woman ~ Paul Washer (8 min. 27 sec.)

Biblical Womanhood ~ Paul Washer (1 hr. 5 min. 34 sec.)

Shocking Message ~ Paul Washer (58 min. 57 sec.)

What is biblical femininity? ~ Wilson, Patrick (5 min. 8 sec.)

Why I Choose to Believe the Bible ~ Voddie Baucham (25 min.)

The Doctrine of the Trinity ~ Tim Conway (1 hr. 9 min. 5 sec.)

What is true repentance? ~ RC Sproul (1 min. 35 sec.)

Could Lazarus have said no? ~ James White (9 min. 32 sec.)

Six Days of Creation and Biblical Authority ~ Ken Ham *Answers in Genesis* (46 min. 32 sec.)

True and False Christians ~ Paul Washer and Tim Conway (9 min. 57 sec.)

Centrality of the Home ~ Voddie Baucham (49 min. 56 sec.)

Legalism and Modern Evangelicalism ~ Paul Washer (11 min.)

Muhammad's Errors About Jesus ~ James White (1 hr. 36 min. 50 sec.)

Todd Friel Holds Joel Osteen to the Bible ~ Todd Friel (8 min. 37 sec.)

An Ex-Faith Healer Explains the Tricks Used ~ Way of the Master Radio (9 min. 56 sec.)

Joy From Christ, Not Your Performance ~ Paul Washer (8 min.)

Horrified ~ Matt Chandler (5 min. 32 sec.)

All I Have is Christ (5 min. 23 sec.)

The Truth about Mormonism (Part 1)  (Part 2)  (Part 3) ~ Way of the Master

The Monstrous Regiment of Women (trailer... you can borrow the movie from Netflix or purchase it HERE). **Highly Recommended**

Freemasonry, Masonic lodge, and the Shriners are not compatible with Biblical Christianity! (17 min. 47 sec.)

Justified By His Grace ~ Alistair Begg (35 min. 7 sec.)

The Divine Institution of Marriage ~ AlphaOmega Ministries (2 min. 29 sec.)

Have You Ever Read Romans 9? ~ James White (48 min. 24 sec.)

Ligonier Q & A ~ RC Sproul, Steve Lawson, Sinclair Ferguson, Robert Godfrey, RC Sproul Jr. (57 min. 39 sec.)

A List of Sermons (on sermonaudio.com) ~ Voddie Baucham

What is salvation? (in two minutes) ~ Paul Washer

Ladies, What Do Your Clothes Say About You? ~ CJ Mahaney (15 min. 19 sec.)

God's Glory in Marriage ~ Paul Washer, John Piper, Voddie Baucham (9 min. 11 sec.)

Why Total Depravity Matters (Original Sin) ~ Curtis Knapp (58 min. 22 sec.)

Getting Your House in Order ~ Voddie Baucham (51 min. 10 sec.)

Repenting of Sin & Returning to God ~ David Platt (34 min. 19 sec.)

Ligonier Q & A ~ RC Sproul, Steve Lawson and more (57 min. 39 sec.)

I Do Not Allow a Woman to Teach ~ John MacArthur (22 min. 15 sec.)

Voddie Baucham's series of sermons on Amillenialism (GREAT to listen to!)

The Ultimate Meaning of Womanhood ~ John Piper (45 min. 49 sec.)

Gay Christianity Refuted by James White 

Voddie Baucham on Youth Ministry (Why it's not biblical)


  1. Thanks so much Katy for sharing these sermons. Looking forward to spending some quiet time listening to them.


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